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Korean Volleyball Federation Commissioner Walter Cho

Hello, all volleyball fans who give passion and love for volleyball and
related staffs who put great effort to improve Korean Volleyball.
This is Walter Cho, 6th commissioner of Korean Volleyball Federation.

Currently, Professional Volleyball is in prime time with immense support from fans.
On the other hand, professional volleyball still needs many tasks to solve to become
top professional sports for winter. Due to these tasks, I would like to find solution
with all fans and related staffs during my tenure.

First of all, we will put the best effort to change the current men’s league which consists of
7 teams by creating one more men’s team to operate the league with total 8 teams.

Secondly, we understand that sponsorship deal and marketing investments on sports industry
has been decreased. It is not possible to improve the league if there is financial instability.
Under this circumstances, we will build the financial stability by having a title sponsor and
other types of sponsors to financially aid the league.

Thirdly, youth volleyball population has been decreased. To be able to continue
professional volleyball league for next 10 to 20 years, we will build the solid infrastructure
with development in volleyball grass root system and investment in youth volleyball.

Fourthly, by improving referee education system, we will create an environment to train
better referees. With highly qualified referees, league will have fair calls and it will create
better games which is made by relentless effort from professional players. With this effort,
Fans will be able to enjoy the league more.

Lastly, we will communicate better with Korea Volleyball Association for Korean Volleyball
National teams to have more competitive edge. This will lead Korean Volleyball National teams
to have better results in world-wide competition, especially, upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic.

It will be impossible for us to accomplish all these tasks alone; however, if volleyball fans,
teams, related organization, and Korean Volleyball Federation cooperate each other,
we will be able to accomplish our dream to have better league.
Please, give us your support and guidance.

We are heading close to 2017 KOVO CUP and 2017-2018 V-LEAGUE, teams and
Korean Volleyball Federation are putting relentless efforts to have the successful competition
and league. To have more dynamic and fun season, we will be ready to operate the league.

We will do our best to accomplish our tasks for supports and expectations from fans and
related staffs who love volleyball.

Thank you.   

2017. July. 3rd
Korean Volleyball Federation
Commissioner Walter Cho

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