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Korean Volleyball Federation Commissioner Walter Cho

V-League fans, who loves the Volleyball!

Volleyball season has came back. As time goes by interest about V-League is growing.
V-League which tries to change every season expanded the number of women's league
games from three to five times a week, so we made that many fans can feel the
attraction of women's league on TV and on the field.

Improved the match operating system besides change of women's schedule.
When asking the video challenge, and if the challenge is incorrect or unreadable, the request count is maintained so that the video challenge request can be continued.
Especially this season, by showing the video challenge process on an electronic display in stadium, so that fans can resolve their curiosity about video challenge.
In addition, we have strengthen the judgment criteria for the touch net and screen foul to enhanced fairness.

Along with the changes in the match operations, there were changes in the stadium too.
The performance of the players who are wearing new uniform, tactical competition of the new coaches and the ability of foreign players who are returning to the V-League will give fans a lot of interest and entertain points.

Also, V-League will have a short break due to the participating the Continental Olympic Qualification tournaments,
which aims to advance to the Olympic together with men and women.
We wish good luck of the national team’s performance and we will promise to return to more dynamic and energetic V-League after the break.

These changes and efforts were able to made only because of our fans' love and V-League sponsors.
The title sponsor, the Dodram Amphibious Cooperative, and host broadcasters KBS, KBS N, SBS Sports, and many other official suppliers will be joining us in the Dodram 2019-2020 V-League.

We will continue to work hard to become a V-League that will impress and entertain our fans.

Thank you.   

Korean Volleyball Federation
Commissioner Walter Cho

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