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리그 로고

Tournament Summary

Tournament summary table
Tournament name Dodram 2020~2021 V-LEAGUE
Tournament period OCT. 17th, 2020 (SAT) - APRIL. 4th, 2021 (SUN)
Regular league period OCT. 17th, 2020 (SAT) - APRIL. 4th, 2021 (SUN)

Schedule summary

Schedule summary table
Classification Male Female
Regular league round 6 rounds - 126G (1 round - 21G) 6 rounds - 90G (1 round - 15G)
Number of games per team 36G 30G
Total number of games for the season 227~233G
Weekly number of games per team 1-2 games per week
Post-season management * Male Semi-final PO (Play-off) : Single round
First round : 3rd place home
* Male · Female PO : The best-of-three series
1st round : 2nd place home / 2nd round : 3rd place home / 3rd round : 2nd place home
* Male · Female Champ : The best-of-five series
1st and 2nd rounds : 1st place home / 3rd and 4th rounds : PO win home
5th round : 1st place home
Awards ceremony April. 7, 2021 (Tue / Tentative)

Local rules

Schedule summary table
Korea Volleyball Federation abides by the FIVB game rules (FIVB 2017~2020).
V-league’s local rules - Sanctions against the refusal to continue the game and delay action
- Implementation of instant video replay, etc.