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2017-2018 V-League Season, Men's Foreign Players List

2017-2018시즌 V-리그 남자부 외국인선수 구단별 지명현황 안내 표로 첫 번째 열은 구분, 두 번째 열은 선수사진, 세 번째 열은 선수명, 네 번째 열은 선수신장을 나타냅니다.
Club Image Name Nationality Height
SEOUL WOORICARD WIBEE Liberman Agamez Liberman Agamez Colombia 207cm
INCHEON KOREAN AIR JUMBOS Mitja Gasparini​ Mitja Gasparini Slovenia 202cm
ANSAN OK SAVINGBANK RUSH&CASH Yosvany Hernandez Yosvany Hernandez Cuba 201cm
CHEONAN HYUNDAI CAPITAL SERVICES SKYWALKERS Krisztian Padar Krisztian Padar Hungary 199cm
UIJEONGBU KB INSURANCE STARS Alexandre Ferreira Alexandre Ferreira Portugal 200cm
SUWON KEPCO VIXTORM Simon Hirsch Simon Hirsch Germany 205cm

1. Summary

2018 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 개요 표입니다.
Subject 2018 Guideline
Dates · Tryout and draft : 2018. May. 8th (Tue) ~ May. 10th (Thu) 
Qualification · Nationality/Age/Position : No limitation
Location Gym · Candy Arena, Monza, Italy(Viale Gian Battista Stucchi, 20900, Monza MB)
Hotel · Cosmo Hotel Torri(Via Torri Bianche, 4 – 20871, Vimercate MB)
Number of Final Participants · Max of 30 players + Foreign Players from 17-18 season who want to play in Korea again.
Selection of Invited Player · All teams submit list of 50 players
· KOVO reorganize the player's overall ranking and invite players who are ranked Top 30
    including ‘Two’ player who is requested by each club regardless of their overall ranking.
· If participants for tryout is less than 24, KOVO invites new participants a week before the tryout
NO. of Players per team · 1 player per team

2. Condition of Contract

2018 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 계약조건 표입니다.
Subject 2018 Guideline
Duration of Contract · From August until next march(8months)(However, the contract can be linger due to PS & TOP Match
    schedule. And it’s mandatory for players to participate in KOVO's events(e.g. Awards Ceremony).
Salary 7 Players · Annual Income : USD 300,000 (Net)
· Players who played in 17-18 season to renew contract with same team for 18-19 : USD 350,000 (Net)
· Players who played for same team in 16-17, 17-18 season participate in 2018 Tryout and get drafted,
  his salary will be same as his second year(17-18)
Option Bonus · Winning Post-Season Championship : USD 30,000
· Winning Regular-Season Championship : USD 20,000
· PO advance : USD 10,000
· Only the highest bonus will be given to a player depending on team’s final record.
  Therefore, the maximum amount of bonus (except Game winning bonus) a player can get is US $30,000
Per win · Per Winning : USD 1,000 (applied only in V-League regular season & Post-Season)
Benefit · Round trip flight ticket (1 ticket for player, 2 tickets for family), Housing
Joining Date · August 1st
· Joining before August 1st is not allowed
· Players can join after August 1st with team's approval
· Players can join as early as July 25th for ‘oversea training schedule’
· Team gets penalty if player enters Korea before August 1st (except for overseas training schedule)
· Penalty : Player will not be allowed play for number of dates that he entered Korea earlier than August 1st
    (e.g. : if player enters Korea on 28th of July, player is not allowed to player for 4 days when league starts)
Re-Signing · Renewing contract with the origin club is allowed for one more year.
· It will be accepted if a player who played 2 years with same team in Korea wants to participate KOVO tryout again.
    The team of origin do not have a preferential right to sign with the player,
    but it is possible to draft the player by the draw order.
Replacement Player · If replacing player is needed, club can sign with any player in the whole list except players
 who get drafted in the first place or refused KOVO’s invitation to the Tryout, players whose profile are false,
 players whom KOVO decides ‘lack sincerity ’ during the Tryout.
(Number of replacing chance before the season starts : limitless / during the season : Only ONCE)
· Salary for replacement player : Salary will be paid based on remaining months. (Divide the 8months
  worth salary by 8 and multiply by remaining months. Each monthly pay cannot go over 150% of standard salary).

3. About Renewal

2018 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 우선지명 관련 표입니다.
Subject 2018 Guideline
Preferential Right
(Renewal) of the team
1. Each team has the preferential right to renew the contract with their own players.(exception of a player
    who play for two straight seasons with a same team)
2. Teams which decides to renew a contract with a current player must notify KOVO by 6pm, Sunday, May  9, 2018)
3. In case of the player whom his team uses its preferential right and notify to KOVO, is not able to make to
    the Draft(May  10, 2018), his contract with the team will be valid if his team submits the contract signed
    by both team and the player to KOVO on the day before the Draft when it notifies renewal to KOVO.
4. Teams decided to use preferential right must draft its player at the Draft.
5. Teams not using preferential right still can draft its player of origin by draw order at the Draft.
For 17-18 season players
who wish to participate
in 2018 Tryout
1. 17-18 season Players who want to participate in 2018 tryout must apply with KOVO’s registration
    forms from the date of the regular season ends until within 7 days after post-season championship.
2. Participating players cannot decline offers from teams.
    - If a player declines offers, his participation in the tryout will not be allowed for next three yrs.
3. 17-18 season players who participates in 2018 tryout must attend the Draft. He must arrive at the hotel as
    late as the day before the Draft.
    - If a player absents draft day, contract is invalid.
    (exception of a case written above ‘Preferential right of the team’ clause #3).

4. About tryout camp

2017 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 연습경기 관련 표입니다.
Subject 2018 Guideline
2018 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 드래프트 행사 관련 표입니다.
May 8(Tue) 14:00 ~ 18:30 Tryout Day 1 Gym.
May 9(Wed) 14:00 ~ 18:30
Tryout Day 2 Gym.
May 10(Thu) 14:00 ~ 16:30
※ Interview with head coaches :
Tryout Day 3 Gym.
※ Players will leave for gym 12:50 at the lobby, Hotel
Team members · 6~7 participants(No Korean setters or libero will play)
Cut-off system · (For preventing pre-negotiating between a team and a player)
    When three or more head coaches from the team notice that whoever play with less intensity or don’t show their
    upmost best skills on the court, that player gets a warning at a first place.When she shows no sign of improving,
    her participation in the tryout will be invalid and none of teams are able to draft her nor signing
    her as a replacement player.

5. About Agent

2018 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 에이전트 관련 표입니다.
Subject 2018 Guideline
Mandatory Requirement · International agent must have a partner Korean agent for domestic management of a player & communication with teams
· 30 players per 1 agency(Fee per player : USD 100)
Submitted Material
(Method of Submission)
1) TRYOUT REGISTRATION FORM & Profile(KOVO form, player’s Records of last two seasons must be
      attached with # of games/sets played, scoring, Success rate on attack & more)       Blocking, Dig and Any specified game records) 2) LIABILITY RELEASE AGREEMENT (KOVO form)
      ① ‘Player must sign with the club who selects in the draft’ & Player must be freely available for 2017-
            2018 season or player(or her agent) will be responsible for any problem with former club (KOVO form)
      ② Letter from former club that proves player is free to sign with other club
            (requires signature of former club and player)
6) Video(3 Types)
      ① Two full-game videos in the last two seasons (should be high-quality to recognize player)
            - video must be filmed in recent 2 seasons
            - Youtube or Internet link is not allowed (Video must be filmed by player or former club)
            - Need description to clearly identify the player.
      ② Highlight Video (Less than 3 minutes)
      ③ Self-commentary video that mentioning “I, (player's name) born on xx, xx, 19xx declare to
            apply for 2017 KOVO pre-draft tryout.”
7) POWER OF ATTORNEY (Player → Agent or original agent → Korean Agent)
8) If original agent entrust his right to Korean one, contract between original agent and player is required
(For ex-KOVO V-leaguers) Confirmation letter of completing Korean Tax payment
9)※ How to upload applications & videos
Fee · Agent Fee : 15% of player's salary (NET)
· When a team replaces a player;
    1) Same Agent : 10% of replacement player's salary (NET)(Total amount will not exceed 15,000USD)
    2) Different Agent : 10% of replacement player's salary (NET)
· For Re-signed player : 10%(NET)
Agent Eligibility and
· Agent Eligibility
1.Based on the Agent Regulation of 2015 FIVB, player agent must obtain FIVB official agent license.
    For a Korean agent, must have a FIVB official agent license and registered in Korean Volleyball Association.
2. For Korean nationality agents, must renew his or her license from KVA
· Restrictions : Based on KOVO commissioner's authority, Agent can be banned and his or her player will be
    disqualified for tryout & draft as following
    1. if agent creates disgraceful condition which is against FIVB/ KOVO try-out guideline, or submit
        wrong information (fraud) on players’ registration for tryout.
    2. An agent who has a history of causing troubles with KOVO or its clubs previously so that either
        KOVO would determine or one of its clubs would request to be banned.

6. Provided option for players

2018 남자부 외국인선수 트라이아웃 가이드라인 기타사항 표입니다.
Subject 2018 Guideline
Provided option · Flight Fee : Economy round trip ticket(purchased & sent from KOVO, price not exceed 1.5 mil. won)
    : Player who failed in medical test in Korea will be responsible for 50% of flight ticket fee
    (can depart country early) → 50% of flight ticket fee will be imposed to player’s Agent
· Accommodation and Meals
· Transportation (Hotel → Gym, Gym → Hotel)
    ※ From Airport to hotel (player or agent's responsibility)
    ※ Laundry is on player’s expense

7. Operational Plan(subject to change upon stance of KOVO)

업무 계획
Date Event Request Place
March 5(Mon)~
April 2(Mon)
Registration Period Player’s profile, documents & videos -
March 5(Mon)~
April 10(Tue)
Invitees selections Period
from KOVO
- -
April 11(Wed) Announcement of Invitees Notify players who are invited -
May 7(Mon) Arrival and Rest Check-in at the Hotel Hotel
May 7(Mon) 19:00 Orientation Attendance to the Draft Hotel
May 8(Tue) morning Medical Test Follow the procedure for medical test Hotel
May 8(Tue), 9(Wed)
14:00 ~ 18:30
Practice Match Day1&2 Participate for practice matches Gym
May 10(Thu)
10:30 ~ 12:00
Players' Interview with Clubs Participate for interview Hotel
May 10(Thu)
14:00 ~ 16:30
Practice Match Day3 Participate for practice matches Gym
May 10(Thu)
Draft Attendance to the Draft Villa Reale